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The government pays for the bulk of aged care services in Perth by paying subsidies and supplements for care to Providers. However, a Service User may be asked to contribute toward cost of their care if they can afford to do so.

Best Home Care Services in Perth

“Nursing Home or Home Care?” The question many people are asking.

Home Care Packages is a government initiative to help the elderly 65yrs and above for the general public and 50yrs and above for Aboriginals and Strait Islanders, to live in their home  longer before they move into a nursing home, if they so wish. This gives more choices and flexibility for people getting care at home close to their loved ones.

At Chizim Aged Care Services, we offer all four levels of Home and Aged Care Packages:

  • Level 1 : helps people with basic care needs.
  • Level 2: Helps people with low level care needs.
  • Home care Level 3: Helps people with intermediate care needs.
  • Home care Level 4: Helps people with high care needs.
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